Family bathrooms Bristol

What are you looking for in your new family bathroom? This room is going to have to be many things to many people so it is a challenge that needs a bit of thought. ROB are happy to listen to your wishes and needs and come up with solutions for you. Let’s consider some of the things you will want from your family bathroom

Functionality is probably the first thing you will be looking for. You want a shower that provides hot water and plenty of it for those with a busy agenda who just want to wash and go. You will want a bath for those in the household who prefer a relaxing soak. An ideal combination in the average family bathroom is a bath with a shower combined, that acts as both without compromising either. Talk to us about our baths with screens and the types of combined tap fittings for bathing and showering that are available.

There is no reason why comfort should be sacrificed. All of the family should feel that using their bathroom is a pleasant experience. Underfloor heating, for example, gives warmth for everyone, lovely under the feet on chilly mornings and surprisingly useful if some members of the family forget to hang their towels up properly! Towel rails give snuggly warm robes and towels, lovely for everyone after a bath and they are great for drying things quickly when people are in a rush. Easy to operate mixer taps in basins and baths are a great idea for children, ensuring that the small user is neither frozen or – more importantly – not scalded by water from the cold and hot taps.A well designed family bathroom to offer piping hot water for the grown-ups while protecting the little ones.

Durability is important in a room that gets as much traffic as a family bathroom. Ceramic and stone tiles on walls offer easy to wipe surfaces that do not get damaged if they are splashed and their sealed nature avoids water ingress. The benefits of tiles on floors is obvious too, particularly in those areas – say around the loo – that are constantly in use and need cleaning frequently. Baths and showers and WCs with smooth, unfussy surfaces make the frequent cleaning that a family bathroom needs less of a chore for busy families.

Have a look at our clever vanity units and bespoke storage designs for bathrooms. There is no need to have piles of toiletries and children’s toys cluttering up the place. Everything can be tidied away, keeping the bathroom clean and elegant while still keeping handy what everyone requires.

Ask ROB to show you how the lighting in modern bathrooms is also very versatile, giving relaxing and cosy lamp-light like lighting for areas of relaxation, while offering more clarity and precision in areas such as the bathroom mirror for shaving or put on make-up.

At ROB we can help you to make the best of the room-space that you have available. Talk to us about what you want from your family bathroom and we will endeavour to offer you a solution that all of the family will appreciate.

Luxury bathroom fitters in Bristol

Luxury bathrooms exclusive to all our clients

At ROB we are very happy to install big budget expensive bathrooms and shower-rooms. We have the skills and knowledge to work with marble, granite, stone and ceramic tiles. We can source up to the minute expensive sanitary wear and fittings, bespoke mirrors and remote controlled lighting. We can source and install washbowl type basins, free standing baths, multi-jet showers. We can construct and install walk in wet rooms, wall mounted sanitary ware etc. We will be very happy to come to your home to advise you, design, handle sourcing and provide an estimate upon such a project.

However, luxury does not just mean big and the most expensive of everything. Even in a modest sized room you can achieve a really sumptuous, quality feel, creating a room that will make you feel pampered, comfortable and a bit glamourous. As the saying goes ‘You’re worth it!’.

With regard to bathroom styles there are so many bathroom suites to choose from and you can replicate styles that come straight from the pages of the interior design magazines surprisingly economically by shopping around for suites and fittings You can easily do your research on line these days.

High street and trade plumbing suppliers can offer the big shower roses, walk in showers, multi-jet showers, Jacuzzis, free standing baths etc and ROB can fit all these items, we can either source them for you or you can buy them yourself for us to install. The wall mounted WCs with their discrete flushes and pedestal-less basins are very elegant (and very easily clean around) and we can build the special hidden frames required for the installing of these.

Combine your elegant suite with stone or ceramic tiles on the floor with colour coordinated grout and sealant and for a uniformly chic all-over look. The vast choices in lighting mean you can have bright ‘dressing room’ style lights around the basin to romantic dimmed lights in the bath area. Strategically installed mirrors enhance the space and bounce light around, adding to the feeling of warmth and luxury. You can even install a sound system if you like relaxing music while you bathe.

Installing underfloor heating provides tactile comfort and overall warmth in an efficient way. Elegant Heated towel rails can be like works of art in themselves, serve to heat the room and are there ready with your warmed fluffy towels and robes.

Lashings of hot water can be available day and night with a modern boiler and efficient water pressure will ensure that your shower is of Niagara force. Talk to ROB about installing a ‘luxury’ bathroom, a room that is a total pleasure to be in and looks a million dollars too.

All you need to do is to add the bubbly and the bubble bath and give yourself time to pretend you are a movie star or spending the night in a five-star hotel!

Improving family life – Bristol bathroom

Installing a second loo/shower-room/bathroom

Imagine a situation where you do not have members of your family hammering on the bathroom door desperate to use the loo while you are in the middle enjoying a restful bath.  Imagine not having to ‘ make an appointment’ to use the only bathroom on a busy morning, when you are already late for work and the whole family need to get through in a hurry. On the other hand, imagine not having the frustration and discomfort of finding someone in the shower or bath when you really want to use the loo.

A second WC, cleverly installed in a large enough under-stairs cupboard, old pantry or defunct airing cupboard (talk to ROB about water heating alternatives) or in newly created room hived from an existing larger room, could well be the answer.  At ROB we would be happy to look into the possibilities of such a room given your home’s particular circumstances and needs. We will advise you about looking at plumbing and ventilation solutions, compact sanitary ware, heating, lighting and power sources as well as other considerations. A downstairs cloakroom would be convenient for visitors and for own your use if you are busy in the garden, kitchen or garage. In any event, just having the back up in a family home of an extra loo is very reassuring – and will soon prove itself very useful.

If the space you have can stretch to accommodating a shower as well, then the benefits to a busy family of this are clear. As ROB just what is possible when you ask them to come for a site visit.

Perhaps you like the idea of a bathroom/shower- room that only the ‘grown up’s are allowed to use. A room that can be calm and elegant  – perhaps with a bidet and, maybe even a walk in wet room – but in any event a space that can free of bath toys, the whole family’s toiletries, discarded clothes etc. If your master bedroom is large enough, perhaps you can spare some of it for your new installation.

You might consider using a box room for a new bathroom or shower-room. If space allows you might be able to go into your loft space, either for the new bathroom or to relocate a bedroom that a new bathroom on the floor below will replace

In addition to many years of comfort and convenience that you and your family will enjoy with your increased facilities, looking longer term family finances will also get a boost. When you come to sell your property it will have added value way beyond the initial prices of installation and the property will just appear more attractive to potential buyers if it has a well installed second loo/shower-room/bathroom.

Tempted to go for a new installation? Speak to ROB about their expertise in plumbing logistics, waste management and water heating solutions, room conversions, room division and making clever use of very small spaces.

Bathrooms for grown-ups

Much as you love your family, it is not always a joy to share a bathroom with them. Waiting for ages for a chance to get into the room, clearing up dirty football kit, dropped towels and muddy ring round the bath, tidying away children’s toys constantly, your expensive toiletries used up by a thoughtless teenager, the loo roll holder left empty, constantly, the lid left off the toothpaste etc etc.

If you have the space, why not consider an en-suite or adults only bathroom just for the grown-ups? A place of sanctuary, privacy and calm, a place where only what you want goes, that you can enjoy without fear of being disturbed.

Very simple en suites provide you with the room to suit what you want – perhaps a bidet, perhaps a walk in shower or a basin each? Additionally, there are many types of attractive integral storage available on the market involving cupboards and drawers for your personal toiletries and other bits and bobs, making this not just a bathroom but an extension of the personal space that you enjoy in your bedroom.

A ‘grown up’ bathroom can include various items that might get spoiled or damaged in a family bathroom but which you can enjoy here because you know how to look after them and you know they will not be tampered with. You can express your personalities a bit here, it is your own private space

Because this room will not be full of marauding careless children, you may decide that you do not need it quite so ‘built in’ and functional as the family bathroom. You might want the room furnished a bit more like a ‘room’ than a bathroom, perhaps with a free standing bath in the middle of the room, , or an elegant generously sized old fashioned pedestaled wash basin – or two – one for each of you. You might prefer a chest of drawers, display shelves and an antique cupboard instead of vanity units. Perhaps an antique chair to sit in while you chat to someone in the bath. Curtains and maybe a deep pile carpet – as you know the floor will not be abused.

If you have space the bathing area to be an extension of a dressing room with fitted wardrobes and storage drawers which lead off the bedroom.

On the other hand, this room may be the last word in the ultra-modern bathing experience, with very trendy wash bowl type basin(s), or with a vast walk in shower or a completely tanked wet room. You might have a Jacuzzi big enough to share or simply a large bath with fittings in the middle so people can sit comfortably at each end. You can also have a specially designed bathroom television or sound system if you so desire.

Speak to ROB about what you would like, ideally, from your en-suite Ask us to help you to make the most of the space available to you and within your budget. Get some private space back from your beloved family!

Showers – Your options for installing a shower

Many people prefer the speed and convenience of a shower these days at least for everyday bathing, and in the heat of summer, even confirmed bath lovers don’t wish to be overheated and prefer an instant wash in running water. If you are thinking about installing a shower why not speak to ROB about the space you have available and how much you have available to spend. There are various ways you can get a shower in your home, from the ‘telephone style’ mixer tap arrangement over a bath with just a shower curtain or simple screen, way up to the wet room.

The type of enclosure

The combined bath and shower is ideal when space is limited and can be the cheapest way to install a shower. Additionally, showers with healthy water pressure have the full depth of the bath to catch the splashes. Simple fixed screens to specially designed folding shower screen (to let you have the space to really shower properly) are available. A down side of this arrangement is that it is not easy to get into this type of shower if your movement is limited, as you need to be able to step in and out of the bath.

Square corner enclosures (with screens and sliding doors) and quadrant enclosures, with curved glass screens and sliding doors, take advantage of a spare corner of a room so are good for making the optimum use of space. These types of shower are very easy to step into and, as long as the doors are closed properly, the water is well contained. If you have more room there are walk in showers, whose clever screen arrangement stops water escaping even though there is no door to close.

You may decide to put a shower into a specially built space (say if you have a sufficiently sized gap behind a bath in a long bathroom). These can have doors that can be sliding or bi-folding depending on the space available. Or you can go the whole way and turn the entire room into a shower, which has a sloping floor to send all water to the waste pipe ie a wet room.

For those who are a bit unsteady on their feet a shower you can walk into with no or very little need to lift your feet is ideal Additionally, it is possible to give shower floors a non-slip surface. We can install specially designed and secured seats to allow you to sit while you shower, but which can be folded away neatly if not required. Talk to ROB if you are thinking of installing a shower to offer ease of bathing to someone in your household.

Shower heads – which is best for you?

There are some very beautiful fixed shower heads which have a vast rose area and so give a really good drenching, however you may find that for practical purposes a shower head that you can unhook from the wall and hold in your hand and direct around your body is actually more useful for getting properly clean, if not necessarily so aesthetically pleasing in design. Talk to us about the variety of shower heads available and their pros and cons.

Thinking of a new bathroom installation in Bristol?

At ROB we are very enthusiastic about offering our services to help people realise their dreams, when it comes to their hopes for a new bathroom, en-suite, shower room or cloakroom, whether it be updating an existing room, or creating a completely new room.

If you are thinking about a new bathroom there are various things to consider. The internet allows a potential client to do some research so they can get an idea of their wide variety of options and get some idea of prices.

If this will be a completely new installation, you will need to consider the space you have available, to think about its size, its location in the house, its access to natural light and fresh air. Where it is in relation to existing pipework, both for waste and obtaining water. How is access to be achieved? How will privacy be maintained? Who will be using the new room?  What will they particularly require and what have they a special wish for (a walk in shower perhaps or a long bath where they properly stretch out and relax).

How do these ideas move from your imagination, the page (or computer screen) into reality?  The answer is with the help of an experienced and skilled bathroom installer.  At ROB we will be very happy to see your research and hear your ideas because this will mean that we will be close to offering you what you want right from the very start. When our bathroom designer comes to meet you, sees your ideas and the place where you hope everything will come to fruition, they can immediately consider potential problems and solutions, alternatives, good compromises and fresh ideas that you may not have considered.

Hopefully, before too long your dream will become an actual project that can be fully and accurately costed with no nasty surprises.   We pride ourselves on being very cost competitive, but this is combined with the ability to offer a thorough professional service.  We will also give you an accurate schedule of how long we believe the works will take.

Building work usually involves the dismantling of the existing fabric of a building and consequently it can be a messy business. It is also not finished overnight.  It can be very stressful having strangers working in your house.  ROB understands all this.   We work in the least disruptive, most considerate way we can.  We are sensitive to the fact that we are in someone’s precious home.  We clear up after ourselves every day and we efficiently dispose of site rubbish.

Once the job has commenced, if, for any reason, there will be delays, or an unforeseen or unavoidable increase in cost, we will discuss this with our client immediately and, it goes without saying that if there is any problem with the installation once it is finished, we will immediately seek to rectify this.

Why not get in touch with ROB?  A discussion about your ideas and a site visit will cost you nothing and is undoubtedly a first step in the right direction to achieving the new bathroom of your dreams.

Bristol Bathrooms for people with mobility issues

At ROB  we are very passionate that everyone should enjoy their bathroom and we take particular interest in offering those of our clients with mobility issues, or with other physical challenges, the best possible design for their bathroom.

There is absolutely no need for a bathroom such as this should in any way feel like it is in a hospital or that its functionality completely destroys any sense of style. Modern bathrooms of this nature are elegant and sleek without a hint of ‘institution’ about them.

There is no reason why you should no longer enjoy being able to bathe yourself and you certainly shouldn’t have to feel unstable or scared every time you want to use your bathroom. Keep your independence for as long as possible by talking to ROB about the sort of bathroom that you would like in your home.

There are, for example, showers that you can easily walk into if that would be of help to you. Showers can be installed with large enclosures allowing you to move around within them easily. They can contain seats where you can sit under the cascade (and these can be folded away). Floors can be fitted with non-slip surfaces to give you extra confidence. Hand rails can be placed where you require them. ROB will talk with you about the ergonomics of your bathroom and how you intend to use it so that rails and other aids are placed exactly where they need to be. Basins, shower controls and WCs can be installed at a height that is practical for you too. If you are wheelchair bound or care for someone who is, talk to ROB about designing bathrooms with ease of access to the WC, basin and bathing area.

If you are a bath lover there is no need to give up the great pleasure of bathing because getting into a conventional bath is too difficult or you fear not being able to get yourself out. Talk to ROB about walk-in baths, where the clever water-tight design allows you to get yourself in and out unaided.

For those who have problems with movement in their hands, taps, plugs and flushes are all available that are easy to grip, push or otherwise operate depending on what your need is. Ask ROB to show you the available fixtures and fittings for bathrooms that are on the market.

Talk to ROB about the types of heating available. There is no need for you to feel cold at any time in your bathroom, which is very important if you are unable to move quickly. Under-floor heating and heated towel rails keep modern bathrooms warm and comfortable, both while you are bathing and when you are getting dressed.

Do not worry about being able to keep your bathroom clean, either yourself or if you have some help with this at home. Modern bathroom materials are sturdy and durable. Today’s sanitary wear is uncluttered allowing ease of cleaning and hard floors are easy to sweep and mop. Again speak to ROB about easy to maintain bathroom ideas.

Adding value to your Bristol property

Adding value to your property by installing a second loo/ extra bathroom/shower-room/downstairs cloakroom.

Bristol BathroomMany of even very modest new-build houses have a second loo installed because these days people almost take for granted the necessity of the convenience of having a second loo, or even a further shower room/bathroom in family houses.  Many houses built in the 19th and 20th centuries – those properties which most of us live in –  did not have two bathrooms (indeed for most Victorian houses even having an inside loo, was a luxury seldom found) and you may well be feeling that you would like to install a second loo (or if space allows, a shower or even bathroom) for your own use, but also to put your property on a par with the new-builds that are springing up all over the country.

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